Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”
40″ x 32″
Various mediums

Both of our Vermeer- and Manet-inspired paintings were sold at auction on Sept 7, 2018 to benefit Martha’s Kitchen in San Jose, CA. Our Vermeer group painting sold in the live auction for $2600, and our Morisot piece sold in the silent auction for $250.

Participating artists: Belinda Lima, Ed Lucy, Maralyn Miller, Judy Welsh, Pat Suggs, Veronica Gross, Vincent Liu, Michael Rogan, Kay Duffy, Julia Watson, Sam Pearson, Teresa Ruzo, Yao-pi Hsu, Sandi Okita, Jen Norton, Jane Hofstetter, Will Maller, Rajani Balaram, and Carole Rafferty.

Allied Artist West members re-create two group “masterpieces” to benefit Martha’s Kitchen!

Recently, our members were each given a small 8″ x 8” canvas which had only a quick black and white sketch on it that was part of a larger well-known painting. The artists were instructed to make their own painting, sticking to the values (lights and darks) on the little canvas they were given, and were not were not given any clues as to what the total image would be. When the group got back together with their completed works, the paintings were assembled (after a little time!) into two refreshing unique and updated versions of Manet’s 1872 “Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets”, and Vermeer’s 1665 “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. The paintings were then presented to Martha’s Kitchen for their upcoming charity auction to raise money to feed the hungry. 

Left: The original value sketch for the final painting. Each participating artist received one section of the canvas, but was not shown the final image.
Right: The artists assembling each piece of the puzzle to discover the final masterpiece!

The original value sketch and final multi-artist compilation of our second piece, Manet’s “Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets”.

***Martha’s Kitchen, located at 311 Willow Street in San Jose, CA, has served about four million meals to the needy since Louise Benson (“The Mother Teresa of San Jose”) founded it in 1981 with the mission statement: “feed the hungry with dignity, no questions asked, no judgements made”. Donors and volunteers have been a big part of the program from the beginning. Information about the auction can be found at , or 408-293-6111.